Steampunk Omnibus

Michael Coorlim

141,000 words
Amazon Kobo Barnes&Noble
210 pages

Collecting the first nine novellas of the Galvanic Century steampunk series at 50% off the price of individual purchases

Steampunk Mysteries and Thrilling Adventure

Dilettante Alton Bartleby, inventor James Wainwright, and gentlewoman Aldora Fiske solve mysteries and resolve injustice across the globe in a steampunk Edwardian era where galvanic killers stalk the night, sky pirates plague the skies, and Queen Victoria yet rules from her platinum throne.

Contains the stories And They Called Her Spider, Maiden Voyage of the Rio Grande, On the Trail of the Scissorman, A Matter of Spirit, Sky Pirates Over London, The Tower of Babbage, Fine Young Turks, March of the Cogsmen, and Dreams of the Damned.


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